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As Prescribed Blog

Why WIAA with us?

Stephanie Nottestad, MD Stephanie Nottestad, MD October 20, 2011 0 Comments Family Medicine

Believe it or not – it’s time to talk about winter sports!

Many local high schools start practice for basketball, wrestling, cheerleading and other sports in late Fall, and that means it’s time to visit the doctor.

Basketball players watching the gameWIAA Physicals at Fort HealthCare

We prefer to do WIAA physicals in a regular, office visit and avoid the “quick clinic” approach some organizations take. While convenient, those fast-paced appointments don’t allow the practitioner ample time to get to know the athlete well enough to note changes or potential problems. For the safety of your child, we suggest making a regular appointment with one of our many available doctors or nurse practitioners.

Even for healthy individuals, the exam is important because adolescence is a time when the physician begins to meet one-on-one with the child to talk about sexuality, drug and tobacco use, bullying, weapons, sleep, eating disorders, family relationships and so much more. It gives your child an opportunity at a critical time in his/her development to share information and concerns with another caring adult who can offer help and guidance.

The physical part of the examination is also very important. We start with a thorough medical history to look for:

  • Patterns of illness in the family, a valuable indicator of potential problems
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure,
  • Eyesight,
  • Examine their heart, lungs, musculoskeletal system and much more. 
  • This is also a good time to make sure your teen has healthy habits and is up-to-date on immunizations.

The sports physical helps us to spot issues before they become problems, so that your child can enjoy all the physical, psychological and social benefits of participating fully in high school athletics.

I look forward to seeing your athlete soon!