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Living in Wisconsin, we know what happens in winter – Snow, frost, ice, sleet and COLD! Don’t let the dreary, frigid days derail you from your exercise program. Here are some suggestions for winter exercise:


  • Having a gym membership can be a great motivator during the cold winter months, and you know the “weather” will be good inside. Just remember to follow the guidelines with sanitizing and masks, and to physically distance!


  • This might sound kind of scary with the snow and ice, but, if the paths are clear, head outside after you bundle up. The cool air will perk you up, and many times the scenery in winter is beautiful–just remember to wear good shoes, and even “Yak Trax” for extra safety.


  • Sometimes you’re in a funk and you just don’t want to leave the house (or the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!) Get creative with what you have at home! Dust off an old workout DVD or check out a workout on YouTube. Have a set of Stairs? Do a few flights of stairs. Have dumbbells?  Do an upper body workout on your couch! Creativity is key!


  • With snow comes shoveling. As much as you might dread having to go outside and push around the snow, change your mindset to think about shoveling as exercise, and how you are getting your workout in!


  • Snow is part of the winter scene in Wisconsin, and sometimes we get dumped on. If you have younger family members, you know how they enjoy playing in snow… how about joining them? Snowball fights, forts and sledding are fun as an adult too! You might have so much fun; you’ll forget you’re exercising too!


  • 2020 is all about the virtual/digital – and fitness is no exception! Many gyms and organizations are offering digital fitness classes for free or a nominal fee, and there are tons of options available. Some opportunities include Facebook or Instagram, YouTube, and even some streaming options on the tv, and require little to no equipment. Another option is established businesses, such as Beach Body or Peloton that have the streaming to a t!


  • Wisconsin has some cool winter activities opportunities including outdoor ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing and even biking paths that allow you to enjoy the outdoors while getting your body moving. Do a simple Google search for the activity you’re interested in and check them out!