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Certified Medical Assistant students will be eligible to receive a scholarship or tuition reimbursement from the Fort Memorial Foundation to help cover the cost of their Certified Medical Assistant Certificate Program and certification testing requirements.

Scholarship: Intended for students who are about to start their Certified Medical Assistant program (all prerequisites completed/currently in prerequisites)

Tuition reimbursement: Intended for students who have completed some or all of their Certified Medical Assistant program

Maximum amount of Scholarship or Tuition Reimbursement is $5,000. Scholarship and/or Tuition Reimbursement would also cover the cost of required books. Full cost of certification test will be reimbursed upon passing the certification test.

The Certified Medical Assistant courses must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Be offered at an accredited trade school, college, or university. Note: Elective courses that are not specifically related to the Certified Medical Assistant position may not be eligible for scholarship or tuition reimbursement.
  2. You must successfully complete the courses to be eligible. Provide written proof 2.75 or higher GPA.
  3. Scholarship or Tuition reimbursement will be offset by funds provided through a scholarship, grant or other financial support received. It is the employee’s responsibility to indicate this on the tuition application form.

Scholarship/Tuition Reimbursement Application Requirements:

  1. Essay – A short essay (one page) describing the following:
    1. What are your career goals as a Certified Medical Assistant?
    2. Describe any life experiences and/or volunteer opportunities that have helped shape your goals.
    3. What impact would a scholarship have for you?
  2. Submit transcript of grades for Certified Medical Assistant program (2.75 GPA or higher required)
  3. Two (2) letters of reference including one from a previous or current supervisor
  4. Current Resume

If awarded a scholarship or tuition reimbursement, you will be required to work at Fort HealthCare as a Certified Medical Assistant in a .8 or higher FTE for a minimum of two years post successful certification or date of hire, whichever date is later. If you resign your position prior to the end of the agreed upon two-year commitment, you may need to reimburse a portion of your tuition reimbursement or scholarship.

Fort HealthCare understands that you may have to satisfy clinicals with other facilities. If awarded a scholarship, we require that you have two rounds of clinicals with Fort HealthCare.

Additional Benefits of being awarded a Scholarship:

You can work at Fort HealthCare during your schooling which allows you paid, on-the-job training while you are in school. We offer flexible scheduling and PTO benefits to those who have at least a .1 FTE (4 hours per week)!