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Regardless of someone’s personal or financial circumstances, we are here to help them.

Fear of a bill should never prevent a patient from seeking care. Whether it is providing financial assistance to patients with limited resources through charity care programs or improving access to essential and primary healthcare services by sponsoring free medical and dental clinics, hospitals provide a safety net of care in the community.

“As we look to the future, the best way to achieve our mission is to do so as an independent, community health care system. This status provides us the agility to continue to provide the community with financially sound, viable and locally based healthcare. We look forward to our continued partnership to achieve better health!”

~ Michael Anderson, MD, President & CEO, Fort HealthCare


2023 Community Benefits Report Graphic

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Without that care in place, state and local governments would have a much greater burden in trying to deliver these critical services to a vulnerable population.

Hospitals deliver millions of dollars of services aimed at improving the overall health of the community, partnering with public health departments and other local organizations to provide leadership, financial support and human resources in identifying and addressing community health priorities.

Fort HealthCare provided Rock River Community Clinic free radiology services valued at $431,138 and additional sustainability funding of $232,500.

In all, Fort HealthCare provided more than $536,874 in uncompensated charity care and $9.92 million in unreimbursed Medicaid in our last fiscal year, impacting multiple people in the communities we serve.

In addition to supporting community programs and charity care, we also contribute annually to several local schools, organizations, and health and wellness events. Last year, we donated over $138,000 in sponsorships to over 65 local organizations.