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Having Healthy Babies

Baby-centered maternity care is just that – baby centered. The nurses and doctors at the Fort HealthCare Obstetrics recognize that no one is better suited to take care of your baby than you.

Please come back to this webpage often and explore the rich educational content available. If you are trying to have a baby our online offerings regarding pre-conception will be of interest to you. If you are already expecting, perhaps you’ll find worthwhile reading concerning pre-natal care. You can find a link to our many Childbirth and Baby Classes. They will help you immeasurably on your new journey to motherhood. We are especially proud of Fort Memorial Hospital’s Baby Friendly Lactation and Breastfeeding program. With help from our lactation consultant specialists, 80-90 percent of mothers begin breastfeeding their babies shortly after birth.

We hope that you’ve already chosen to have your baby at Fort Memorial Hospital and that one of the caring and talented Fort HealthCare physicians shown below will care for you. We want to help you provide exceptional baby care and understand normal newborn behavior by keeping you and your baby together as much as possible during your stay at Fort Memorial Hospital. We will encourage your participation with all aspects of your baby’s care as you start your new lives together.

We also know that this may be your first child, or that it’s been a while since your last. That’s why our nursing staff will be there to support and guide you through those first hours and days. We’ll be there as you and your baby get to know one another, so that you develop the confidence and skills you need.

OB-TwinsWe are truly honored over 500 times a year, when soon-to-be moms like you entrust our caring staff to share in your child’s first moments of life. We strive to build a powerful, immediate bond between mother and baby, and for good reason, as babies who bond early:

  • Have fewer crying episodes
  • Have a higher level of quiet sleep
  • Begin a normal sleep pattern more easily
  • Enable moms to recognize feeding cues more easily
  • Are ready for interaction when picked up from the crib

If you’re having a baby, or are even just thinking about it, Fort HealthCare Obstetrics at Fort Memorial Hospital is your best choice to make your experience a once-in-a-lifetime, happy event.