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Cambridge Family Practice

704 Katie Ct., Cambridge WI 53523
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5p.m.
Our Manager
Michele Lippens

Your Health is a Team Effort

We believe in healthcare based on partnership: between Fort HealthCare and the communities we serve, as well as partnership between doctor and patient. That’s why we strive to involve patients and their families in maintaining good health that lasts a lifetime. We’re committed to the health of our communities, and we’re always here to listen, understand and respond to your healthcare concerns. The Cambridge Family Practice clinic works to help the entire family achieve total health through prevention, education and, if needed, medical intervention. The Cambridge Family Practice clinic is part of Fort HealthCare’s Fort Medical Group network of clinics.

Cambridge Family Practice Provides the Best Of Care

Our Family Medicine practitioners are motivated by one simple directive: To provide the best care possible.

Part of what enables us to provide consistently high quality healthcare is continuity. Pediatric and adolescent care continues through adulthood with your personal family physician, who knows your medical history and has earned your trust.

We constantly strive to be timely and accessible. To that end, our Family Medicine Clinics are located close to where you live and work, and our physicians have privileges at Fort Memorial Hospital.

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Our Specialties
Family Medicine

Samantha Fuller, BSN, RN

Comprehensive Care Management Nurse

Bridget Halbersma, APNP

Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Accepting New Patients

Stephanie Nottestad, MD

Family Physician
Accepting New Patients

Erin Sterwald, BSN, RN

Comprehensive Care Management Nurse
Safe Medication Management
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Using Medication
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Primary Care
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Community Wellness
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American Academy of Pediatrics: Patient Education Online
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Diabetes Education
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CDC-Get Smart About Antibiotics
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Comprehensive Care Management
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