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Quality and safety are key considerations in every aspect of our care.

Fort HealthCare routinely provides information to many healthcare quality monitoring and reporting organizations. We report on how our patients respond to treatment so we can compare our quality to similar hospitals. This helps us to establish goals for improving the care we provide.

We encourage you to visit the websites described below to learn about the quality and safety of Fort HealthCare. Please also go beyond the data and talk with your physician, your family and your friends about the information or the care provided at Fort HealthCare. We take great pride in serving the people of our communities and remain committed to our mission of providing excellent, compassionate care.

Mission, Vision and Core Commitments

Our Mission, Vision and our Core Commitments guide us in our quest to provide the highest quality care to our patients both at Fort Memorial Hospital and in the clinics served by Fort Medical Group. For more information click here.

Transparency is important to us

As Fort HealthCare grows, so does our obligation to provide more effective medical care. We continually work to provide better care and a safer, more comfortable environment. We also work diligently to be transparent – open and willing to share as much information as possible with our constituents. For in our honesty, we hope that we can gain your trust in the services we offer.

Quality Rankings

Our constant striving to provide the highest quality care is a central component of our mission and core commitments. By committing to quality and safety, we can provide exceptional, compassionate care.

In these days of Internet access and search engines, it is not difficult for healthcare consumers to find quality rankings for local healthcare providers. We at Fort HealthCare encourage our patients to learn as much as possible about health conditions before and after they seek care – including the quality of care provided by area hospitals and physicians.

Similarly, employers are becoming both cost and quality conscious – recognizing that healthy, educated employees make for healthy bottom lines.

As cost- and quality-consciousness have grown within society, so too has the opportunity to learn more about healthcare providers. This section of the Fort HealthCare website describes many of the quality monitoring organizations to which we contribute our patient outcome data. We encourage you, our patient, concerned family member, or area employer to review Fort HealthCare’s information – whether concerning patient satisfaction or our adherence to guidelines for providing state-of-the-art medical treatments. Organizations and their websites that may be useful to you are described below. These include:

If you would like read more on quality data, the following websites are good resources:

Strategic Values

Our Strategic Plan outlines clear goals and expectations centered upon five core commitments in the areas of:

  • Service
  • Quality of care
  • Patient and employee safety
  • Financial stability
  • Growth

Our administrative and leadership teams, along with Fort HealthCare’s Board of Directors, review progress of the plan in those five core areas every quarter. In all of these core areas, we are surpassing our goals – and in many cases, we’re surpassing statewide measures for these goals. Click to download our Strategic Plan.