March 21, 2022

Athletic Training Month 2022

General Health

Where do you find an Athletic Trainer? Everywhere.


If ever there was a profession that could be defined by “Providing Health Care Everywhere” it’s Athletic Training. In a gym. On a football field. In a classroom. On a stage. In a clinic. Athletic Trainers are everywhere you expect them to be and some places unexpected all at once. Most of us get into this profession because we want to help people. We stay because of the unexpected incidents and accidents that occur daily that keep us continuously engaged. The learning process never stops for us. Most people know an Athletic Trainer who works at their local high school or college providing healthcare to athletes on and off the field. We can also be found in factories, military, firehouses, and even theaters.

Yes, we wear many hats in our profession, but the all-encompassing title we exemplify in all our tasks is simple: student. We are always studying our environment, methods, and results with the one purpose behind driving us: to provide the best care possible wherever we are.