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Meatless Mondays

Tiffany Frohmader, B.S. September 3, 2013 0 Comments General News

Well, another month down-hard to believe. For many individuals and families this is the last week of summer before school is back in session, and the calendar is starting to become scary with all of the activities, meetings and plans. (On a positive note, September means football is starting back up!) It’s easy to lean […]

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A healthy snack—when your munchkins have the munchies!

Stephanie Nischik, RD, CD September 3, 2013 0 Comments Family Medicine

You can hardly watch the news without seeing an ad for a new food product masqueraded as a “healthy,” “all natural,” snack.  More often than not, there is nothing natural or healthy about those foods.  With childhood obesity rates skyrocketing, it’s important to teach your kids how to make healthy choices, and what better way […]

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