May 30, 2019

Continuing Healthy Habits Post-Slimdown Challenge

General Health

Slimdown Challenge 2019 Has Come To A Close… Now What?

This part of the challenge is always so bittersweet for me. Most people don’t know the immense amount of time and effort that goes into these challenges behind the scenes, and I look forward to a bit of a ‘reprieve’ at the end of a challenge. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to receive email after email about success stories of participants, and to hear the excitement folks have while participating. THAT, my friends, is why I love what I do.

Although this is the ‘end’ of a challenge, we’re looking ahead to BEYOND Slimdown 2019, and the plans you have for yourself. It’s my sincere hope that you have found some new, healthy habits during this challenge; stepped out of your comfort zone a bit, and have maybe even shed a few pounds or inches. I want you to stop and think about these 3 questions:

  1. What happens after the Slimdown Challenge?
  2. What goals do I have for myself to continue the progress I’ve already made?
  3. What do I have in place to ensure that this lifestyle is right for me?

It can be scary to think about continuing on with a lifestyle change “By yourself”, especially after you’ve had 6 weeks of reminders, tasks and a website that has various helpful hints and tricks to utilize. We may start off with great intentions and attitudes, but unfortunately, our motivation may dwindle a bit, and it becomes harder and harder.

Let’s talk about different things you can do to maintain motivation, and keep up with the amazing work you’ve done over 6 weeks:

  • Goals
    • Goals are a GREAT way to stay motivated, because they allow you to have a time-frame in mind, and they help keep you motivated towards something specific. When setting goals, remember to make sure they are realistic and attainable, and something that means something to you!
  • Track
    • Keeping track of your progress/workouts/weight-loss – whatever it may be, is a great way to see how far you’ve come and to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments you’ve made. I think it’s cool, even if you haven’t lost any weight, to look back at the workouts you’ve done, the steps you’ve taken, and all of those different progress points too!
  • Focus
    • Focus in on one or two things daily/weekly/monthly that you’d like to really work on. Too many times we try and change multiple things in our lives which can become overwhelming and frustrating, and we’re more likely to quit at that point. By honing in on one or two things to work on, it is easier to stay focused and progress towards those particular goals.
  • Cheer
    • Find cheerleaders to have in your court, and to help keep you motivated. Ask your significant others, friends, and family to join you in your endeavors OR let them know about what you’re trying to accomplish and how they can help you achieve your goals.
  • Fun
    • When thinking about lifestyle changes, the first word to come to mind is NOT usually “Fun”. By taking the time to find the type of exercise that you enjoy; or recipes that are different/tasty, it keeps you wanting to continue and may even become something you look forward to! Branch out, and find your fun!
  • Friends
    • Working together with a spouse, family member or friend is a great way to stay motivated because you have the accountability factor AND it’s something you can work towards together. Plus, laughs, great conversation and solving the world’s problems are bound to happen!
  • Plan
    • I’ve saved a pretty strong one for the end. Planning is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to grab some wellness components in our lives by the reigns, and to be a bit more in control. Think about planning when it comes to:
      • Meal Planning
      • Grocery Shopping
      • Exercise Times
      • Doctor’s appointments/check-ups
      • Pre-bed routines
    • Take the time daily/weekly/monthly to make a plan for what you want to accomplish, and schedule it so you can make it happen. I know, I know… there’s a MILLION things going on… but just think where you could be down the road when you set your mind to it!

Until next time! 🙂