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Feeling sick? There are many ways you can access a local Fort HealthCare provider.

Download this helpful tool that helps explain all the different ways you can receive care from Fort HealthCare.

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MyCompass Patient Portal

MyCompass is the online patient portal/electronic medical record provided by Fort HealthCare. Using an online health record is the most convenient and secure way for you to keep track of your health and medical care, as well as many other benefits – such as messaging your provider’s office, requesting appointments, medication refills, and much more. You can access MyCompass anywhere there is Internet access. If you don’t currently have a MyCompass account, we encourage you to sign up for one today.

  • How to get connected after contacting your primary care clinic to request an email invitation to sign-up.
  • If you are an existing Fort HealthCare patient, you can sign up for a MyCompass patient portal account through our Self-Enrollment Option.

Virtual Visits

You can access Fort HealthCare’s e+Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most visits take 15 minutes, and you’ll receive a diagnosis within 1 hour or less, saving you precious time and potentially taking a number in the waiting room. No appointments. No need to leave home, work or campus. LEARN MORE

If you are not feeling well, have flu-like symptoms, or suspect you may have been in contact with someone else who is exhibiting symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, we advise you to call your Primary Care Provider’s office to seek guidance on what steps to take.

Video Visits

An alternative to physically coming into the clinic for a scheduled appointment is to request a Video Visit instead. Learn more about how those types of visits work, when they are appropriate, and how they are billed by clicking here.