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Let the Great Apple Crunch Begin!

October is National Farm to School Month and the Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch. The nation is bringing attention to locally grown foods in the schools through lessons, activities, and enjoying fresh and local apples. Here in Jefferson County, your school and organization can (and maybe it already is!) participate by organizing a time to gather, take a bite out of an apple, and post those pictures on social media. Nutrition education is also available if you are interested in organizing for your worksite or classroom throughout the year – please email or explore the below toolkit and links for more details.

The following link leads you to a toolkit with information on how to coordinate your own “crunch”:

You can adjust and print flyers to your liking, learn more about Farm to School efforts and the purpose of the Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch, boost nutrition awareness within your own work and/or school networks, and share your photos and stories on Facebook with #F2SMonth, #GreatAppleCrunch17, and #HealthiestHereWeCome. Find your local apples at area orchards or grocery stores – most are willing to donate or sell at cost.

Important links to get you started:

Register your “crunch” at – click on Wisconsin.

More local info at

Share your stories and crunches at with #F2SMonth, #GreatAppleCrunch17, and #HealthiestHereWeCome.