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Chris Barron would like to recognize Denise Lefave of the Integrated Family Care clinic for “embracing a new role within the organization, that of LPN – Data Conversion Specialist. Denise has been integral to our population health initiative by helping us pilot new tools & workflows as well as helping us troubleshoot issues with those tools & workflows. Denise has shown great initiative by brainstorming solutions to improve patient care and provider satisfaction. Additionally Denise will be providing training for other clinics as we rollout the population health tools. Thank you for your great contributions!”

Jennifer Kawleski would like to thank both Deb Bowen and Rich Courtois of the Pharmacy: “On 8/3/16 the med station was not working properly in the Emergency Department, and Deb stayed late to help to get the med station up and running. Rich sent the meds down that were ordered while we could not access the med station. This was a busy time and their help was appreciated!” Jennifer also wants to thank Stacy Kutz in the Cerner/IT department: “Stacy came in after hours to fix the med station that was not working in the Emergency Department. This was a busy time and she was efficient, professional, and quick. She got us up and working again quickly. We appreciated her coming in and taking care of the issue!”

Adele Cooper would like to thank Olivia Hale of the Emergency/Urgent Care department. “Olivia helped orient me to my new position in Urgent Care. She is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable at her job. I watched her skillfully handle many urgent care patients and discharge them home. She was very helpful and patient. I truly appreciated being able to train with her.”

Jolene Hosey would like to recognize Sue Moldenhauer with Surgical Associates for her Responsiveness: “Sue always goes above and beyond for her patients. Recently, a patient required additional imaging following a breast cancer diagnosis, and was required to have this done at UW. Sue took it upon herself to advocate for this patient; she made sure that the patient received this care in a timely manner, ensured that a prior authorization was obtained, and even called to research what the patient’s out of pocket cost would be, as this was a concern for the patient. Her care for this patient went beyond what was required; her efforts assisted this patient in many ways following a difficult diagnosis. She should be commended for the care she gave this patient, and the care she gives all of her patients each day.”

Deb van Ommeren would like to show appreciation for Lacey Meske of the Wound & Edema Center: “Lacey exhibited calm, control, and a sense of humor when handling a particularly unhappy patient. The patient needed assistance in the rest room and expressed his displeasure loudly when he felt Lacey wasn’t doing things ‘right.’ She very calmly and respectfully determined what his needs were and was able to help him. He left feeling valued and well taken care of.”

Lindsey Vanderbilt would like to thank Clayton Luedtke of the Laboratory for his Excellence, Professionalism, and Sensitivity: “My 4 year old son was recently in the Emergency Department and having a very hard time when it came to getting blood drawn. Clayton went out of his way to make my son comfortable, by holding his hand, talking about Paw Patrol, and just anything to keep his mind at ease. This made the situation much easier on not only my son, but also me, knowing that Clayton had it under control. He did great and because of how he was with my son, I felt the need for someone to know and for him to know my appreciation. Thank you again, Clayton, for making my son’s experience with getting blood drawn the best it could be. You truly are great!”

Julie Asmus would like to recognize Courier Linda Sampson: “A few weeks ago, the Integrated Family Care clinic had a power outage and their refrigerator was getting warm. It was about 4 pm that we needed to get coolers there so they could bring their vaccines to the hospital pharmacy for storage, as they did not know how long the power was going to be out. At 4 pm there is only 1 tech and 1 pharmacist, so we called support services to contact the courier to help with this transport of coolers. Linda was on and promptly called us back. She came to the hospital to pick up coolers and deliver to IFC, despite still needing to finish her route by 5 pm. This helped to save the vaccines. Great teamwork, Linda! Thank you so much.”