October 25, 2022

Mammogram and Breast Biopsy FAQs

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When it comes to mammograms and biopsies, I understand that you may have some questions about the process, and as a breast care coordinator, I am here to answer any questions you may have or guide you in the direction of the answer.

Q: How do I schedule a mammogram?

A: You can now schedule your screening mammogram from your MyCompass portal. (If you do not have a MyCompass account, you can click on SIGN UP and fill out your information to create an account). You may also call the Imaging Department at 920-568-5420.

Q: Will I have a screening mammogram or a diagnostic mammogram?

A: Typically, you will start with a screening mammogram unless you have symptoms. Symptoms may include pain, lumps, nipple discharge, or skin discoloration.  If you have symptoms, schedule a visit with your provider, and your provider will determine if you need a screening or diagnostic mammogram.   

Q: What happens after my mammogram?

A: If the result of your mammogram is normal, it is recommended that you talk to your provider to find out how often you should be getting your mammogram (usually once a year). If you had a screening mammogram and something abnormal shows up, radiology will call you to schedule a diagnostic mammogram and/or a diagnostic ultrasound.

Q: What happens after my diagnostic mammogram/diagnostic ultrasound?

A: A radiologist will read the images during your visit. If there is something abnormal, the radiologist and I will explain the findings and what the next steps may be.

Q: What are the next steps if I need a biopsy?

A: I will provide you with a breast biopsy brochure that will review the procedure’s information. Next, I will help you schedule a consultation with a general surgeon. At your consultation, you will discuss your medical history, your family’s history, your symptoms (if any), review images, and conduct a breast exam.

Most often, biopsies are performed in the Imaging (Radiology) Department at the hospital. However, if the surgeon feels a lump during the breast exam, they may perform the biopsy at the clinic. It’s important to note that most biopsy results are NOT cancer.  

Q: How do I get ready for a breast biopsy?

A: Inform your provider of any allergic reactions to medicines, latex, tape, or if you are taking any blood thinners. Don’t use lotion, cream, deodorant, powder, or perfume on your arms, underarms, or breast on the day of the procedure.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 920-568-5330.