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Registered Yoga Training from Alignment Yoga – 500 hour level
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Carrie Garity | Instructor, null

Community Class Instructor

Professional Description

Carrie practiced yoga for many years, initially as a stretching exercise to counter the compacting effect of running.  Eventually she discovered the calming effect of yoga, and realized that the stretching was just the tip of the iceberg. Originally she planned to teach Power Yoga, but the training program guided her to a safe and sustainable type of gentle yoga, with an emphasis on meditation.  Carrie enjoys bringing this combined style of yoga to people.

Instructor Interests

“Most people come to yoga to become more flexible, but what keeps many coming back to my classes year after year is the calming effect yoga has on their lives, both on and off the mat.  My yoga classes include a good dose of meditation… We have so many options in our lives for physical exercise, in yoga we exercise the mind, training it to be calm and in the present moment.”

Personal Note

“I have two grown sons and a yellow lab named Lucky.  Exercise is important to me, especially anything outdoors—bicycling, walking, gardening.  I LOVE reading, and always have at least one book going.  I also enjoy knitting, hand quilting, and eating good food.”