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Meaningful relationships and connectivity are the center of loving families and vibrant communities. Women Who Care seeks to build on the simple understanding that the health and well-being of our community is tied to our connections with one another.

Gathering for a shared purpose, our members work to build and enhance personal and professional relationships with one another. Together we will learn about the health challenges in our area and seek out ways to aid our loved ones and neighbors lead healthier lives.

Women Who Care has chosen to focus on the health of children in our area for a number of years.   Our children are the future. Their health and well-being reflects the community as a whole. The health habits children learn at home, school, and in the community have a life-long impact. The sooner we help our children to adopt healthy habits in life and make sure gaps in care are minimized, the chances of this young generation living healthier lives than their parents increases.

Women Who Care will engage with local health experts to identify ways we can create more opportunities to improve the health of children in our area. Through advocacy, volunteer work and fundraising, we will seek to help every child enjoy the benefits of good health.


Women Who Care is a philanthropic group committed to making a difference in the health and well-being of our communities.


Our goal is to be the premier women’s networking group in the Fort HealthCare service area.

Our Values

Connecting Women
Advancing Knowledge & Advocacy
Raising Funds
Empowering Women