August 24, 2023

Embrace the Chill: The Benefits of Walking and Running in Fall

General Health

As the leaves change color and a crisp chill fills the air, many of us find ourselves retreating indoors, opting for cozy blankets and warm beverages over outdoor activities. However, the fall season offers a unique and invigorating opportunity to continue your fitness routine and engage in outdoor activities like walking and running. Not only can these activities keep you active during the colder months, but they also offer a chance to participate in exciting events that support both personal health and community well-being. Let’s explore the advantages of staying active in the colder months and discover two exciting events that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of health and community.

Rock the Walk 2023 Fort HealthCare

Rock the Walk Challenge: Elevate Your Health, One Step at a Time

Fort HealthCare’s Rock the Walk Challenge is an annual six-week community event designed to motivate and inspire individuals eighteen and older to track their physical activity and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

When does it take place?

Mark your calendars! Rock the Walk 2023 kicks off on September 5th and concludes on October 17th. This six-week journey is structured to make it engaging and manageable for all participants.

How much does it cost to participate?

There’s no price tag on better health. Individual participants can join this transformative challenge for free. Local corporations can also join as teams at no cost.

How do I sign up?

For newcomers, visit Fort HealthCare’s website to complete the pre-registration form by August 30th. If you’re returning to the challenge or are a Fort HealthCare wellness program employee, sign up on the Cerner dashboard starting August 15th.

What’s the challenge timeline?

  • August 15th – September 11th: Sign-up is open on the Cerner dashboard for all participants, with a grace period for late sign-ups.
  • September 5th: The challenge begins!
  • Six weeks of challenge: Complete weekly tasks by Mondays at 11:59pm for a chance to win weekly prizes.
  • October 17th: The challenge wraps up.
  • October 20th: Prizes are awarded to participants.

What’s the challenge about?

The challenge is simple yet impactful:

  1. Achieve at least 150 minutes of exercise per week and log your activity.
  2. Engage with weekly educational materials.
  3. Complete the survey.

Why participate?

Rock the Walk offers an excellent opportunity to focus on your well-being, connect with a supportive community, and make positive lifestyle changes.

NEW: Weekend Walk Series Jefferson County

Discover the beauty of Jefferson County Parks through rejuvenating walks in our exciting walking series! Join us every Saturday from September 9th to October 14th, 10 AM to 11 AM, for an unforgettable journey through some of the most picturesque spots in the area.

To find out more, visit Fort Healthcare’s website.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with nature and your community. See you there!

Frosty Rock 2023 Handout Fort HealthCare

The Frosty Rock Challenge: A Journey of Fitness and Community

Originating in 2013, this event was initially established to bring together individuals who share a passion for running and walking. It has since grown into a powerful force for community engagement and philanthropy. Held at Fort Atkinson High School, the Frosty Rock Challenge offers participants the chance to not only challenge themselves physically but also to contribute to a greater cause.

Veterans Day Tribute

This year, the Frosty Rock Challenge promises to be even more remarkable. Notably, the event aligns with Veterans Day on November 11th, offering a unique opportunity to honor and show appreciation for veterans. In a gesture of gratitude, veterans can participate in the run/walk for FREE. It’s a chance to bring together individuals from different walks of life and celebrate unity, health, and community spirit.

A Partnership for Positive Change

In 2023, the Frosty Rock Challenge took a step forward in its mission to support the community. Fort HealthCare joined forces with the Kiwanis Club, a renowned organization dedicated to serving children and communities. This partnership not only enhances the positive impact of the event but also showcases the strength of collaboration between organizations with shared values. One of the highlights of this collaboration is the much-anticipated Pancake Breakfast. Open to participants and community members alike, the Pancake Breakfast promises a delectable spread of pancakes served from 8:00am to 11:00am with a freewill donation option.

Register here TODAY!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Frosty Rock Race is an event filled with energy and excitement. By volunteering, you’ll be a part of the festivities, enjoying the positive atmosphere and creating lasting memories.

To sign up as a volunteer for the Frosty Rock Race, please click here.

There, you will find all the necessary information, including available roles, dates, and times. Feel free to select the role that best fits your preferences and availability.

Embrace the Chill, Ignite Your Passion

While fall might bring a chill to the air, it also offers an opportunity to invigorate your fitness routine and connect with your community. Events like the Frosty Rock Challenge and Rock the Walk underscore the importance of staying active and engaged during the colder months. Whether you’re exploring the beauty of the changing seasons or contributing to meaningful causes, participating in these events allows you to experience the joy of movement, the warmth of community, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact.

This article was originally featured on Jefferson County Area Tourism Council.