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Challenge runs September 28th-November 9th!

2021 Theme: “Awareness of Your Health”

Rock your potential this fall!


It’s no secret that 2021 has continued challenging year for most, and has been full of changes, anxieties and the “new normal”. One thing that hasn’t changed is Fort HealthCare’s commitment to our communities’ health, and making sure that our communities and partners feel supported during this tumultuous time. Through this pandemic, we know that maintaining overall health is more important than ever, and that daily physical activity should be part of that plan.

Fort HealthCare is excited to present to you the annual Rock the Walk community exercise challenge. The challenge will take place from Tuesday, September 28th through Tuesday, November 9th, and can be done entirely physically distanced and virtually.

The goal of Fort HealthCare community challenges is to offer an opportunity to improve overall health and well-being by encouraging individuals to get moving, eat healthfully, and increase quality of life. For 2021, we’re taking our challenge goals a step further and will be including weekly information and different opportunities around the theme “Awareness of Your Health”.

How to participate

Sign up for the challenge will open on Tuesday September 7th and will be available through Friday October 1st at 12:00pm.

How much is enough?

Experts recommend at least 150 minutes – that’s just over 20 minutes per day – of moderately intense physical activity each week. That’s the minimum amount of time that you need to log online in order to stay in the challenge and compete for great prizes!

Some participants continue with their existing workout routines, some just boost their current ones, and some people decide it’s time to begin! Whatever your current fitness level, you can participate doing something that you enjoy – swim, walk, paddle, bike, jog, run, weight lift, row, aerobics, gardening, the list goes on. Just keep track of your activity to stay in the game! We will also share an educational article and have you take a short survey each week to help you stay motivated and engaged.

Why participate?

Increasing your level of physical activity also helps pave the way for feeling great! Lose weight and gain muscle mass, keep your immune system strong, increase your metabolism; change your lifestyle habits to include starting and sticking with a regular exercise program; be a part of a healthy community, and inspire others to move more!

Weekly tasks

  • Logging minutes of exercise totaling at least 150 minutes per week
  • Reading the education
  • Taking a short survey

All tasks will open on Tuesdays and must be entered online/completed by Monday evenings by 11:59pm in order to be eligible for the weekly and grand prizes. Winners will be announced by November 12th.

Rock the Walk Prizes

We know that good health is the best ‘prize’ there is! However, we want to celebrate our participant’s successes, and have some fun along the way. Check out the great prizes for 2021:

2021 Rock the Walk Challenge Prizes

Rock the Walk Weekly Winners

Week 1: Kelly McCunn & Cindy Krebs

Week 1 Bonus Challenge winners: Amie Ramczyk & Amelia Schave

Week 2: Jean Touchett & Jolene Preston

Week 2 Bonus Challenge winners: Stephanie Bloedorn & Jaclyn Kettle

Week 3: Dana Pfeifer & Ashley Kuehl

Week 3 Bonus Challenge winners: Kathy Hein & Becky Brokmeier

Week 4: Katherine Foster & Trudy Johnson

Week 4 Bonus Challenge winner: Amelia Schave

Week 5: Stacey Reel & Dan Oschmann

Week 5 Bonus Challenge winner: Lois Mach

Week 6: Sarah Dudnik & Misty Renz-Sanchez

Week 6 Weekend Bonus Challenge Winner: Dionne Weishoff

3 Week Bonus Challenge Winners: Leigh Froelich, Jaclyn Kettle, & Gina Foucault

Rock the Walk Overall Winners

900-1260 Minutes (Randomly Selected from list of 49 participants)

Stacie Allard, Dana Pfeifer, Kim McCrea, Anneke Legge, Sarah Berger, Brett McKinley, Robert Johnson, Lauren Pett, Sheryl Krause, Sherri Elsner

1260+ Minutes (Randomly Selected from list of 114 participants)

Jennie Burt, Shennah Teuscher, Stefanie Mulby, Anita Freeman, Amy Raygo, Angela Sahr, Leigh Froelich, Becky Brokmeier, Susan Willmann, Tara Miller

Rock the Walk Extras

Weekly Bonus Challenges (In the Wellness Portal)

Weekend Warrior Challenges (In the Wellness Portal)

5k Training plans (below)

Questions? Check out our FAQs:

Rock the Walk 2021 FAQs


Walking & Running Plans for the Virtual 2021 Frosty Rock

Register HERE

Beginner 5k Training Plan

Intermediate 5k Training Plan

Advanced 5k Training Plan

Share your progress, successes, and stories to be the healthiest you can be throughout Rock the Walk and beyond on Facebook.



Thank you to our 2021 Community Partners!


Thank you to our participating Jefferson County Healthy Community Coalitions!