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Fort HealthCare Announces Dermatology Walk-in Clinic Every Wednesday

Community Health
Friday, July 8, 2022

Fort HealthCare is pleased to announce that Dr. Martin Okun, board certified Dermatologist, will be offering a Dermatology Walk-In Clinic every Wednesday from 12:30pm until 2:00pm starting on July 20th. The clinic will be held at Fort HealthCare Dermatology located on the third floor of Fort Memorial Hospital, 611 Sherman Avenue East in Fort Atkinson. No appointment is required. Patients will be seen on a first come first serve basis. You won’t need to be an existing FHC patient to be checked. Bring your current insurance cards with you.

Patients can expect a 5-minute session with Dr. Okun, where you will have the opportunity to share any skin related issues you have. Typical inspections can vary from rashes, moles (new or suspicious), sunburns or dry/sensitive skin. There will be no biopsies or incisions during the exam. For total body skin exams, cosmetic procedures, and detailed evaluations of chronic or complex skin diseases, please schedule during our regular office hours. A total body examination by a doctor is a good way to find skin cancers early, especially for people who have a history of skin cancers or diseases in their family.

Click Here To Download Dermatology Handout PDF

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