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Fort HealthCare Announces New Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Department

Community Health
Wednesday, November 22, 2023

FORT ATKINSON – Fort HealthCare is pleased to announce the opening of a new Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine department, which will bring specialty lung care under the direction of Pulmonologists to Fort HealthCare. With the opening of Fort HealthCare Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, patients will receive lung care from specialists in our network.

Fort HealthCare Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine will offer diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care for lung conditions, including asthma, COPD, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, pulmonary hypertension, and more. In addition, as prevalence and awareness of sleep disorders have grown, expanding FHC’s Sleep Medicine services is very timely. The new department will address such issues as snoring, insomnia, restless legs, unrefreshed sleep, grogginess, and narcolepsy.

Raed Hamed, MD, and Mouhammed Rihawi, MD, will be leading our Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine medical practice. Dr. Hamed completed his residency in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and Dr. Rihawi completed his residency in Pulmonary Medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  Two additional team members are Tom Freichels, APNP and Angela Monzon, APNP.  They both they have many years of experience as advanced practice providers and are looking forward to joining the FHC community.

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Hamed and Dr. Rihawi to Fort HealthCare. Our community has a great need for Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine services as access into this specialty has been difficult. They will bring a high level of expertise to our community eliminating the need for our patients to travel to receive this critical medical care,” shared Michael Anderson, MD, President and CEO of Fort HealthCare.

To learn more about Fort HealthCare Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, please visit