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Fort HealthCare Receives Generous Donation from Trinity Lutheran Church in Honor of Dr. Frank Beran

Friday, March 15, 2024
Fort HealthCare Receives Generous Donation from Trinity Lutheran Church in Honor of Dr. Frank Beran

PHOTO CAPTION: Dr. Frank Beran

FORT ATKINSON – Fort HealthCare is pleased to announce the receipt of a generous donation of $12,050 from Trinity Lutheran Church. This donation is made in memory and honor of Dr. Frank Beran, a beloved figure in our community whose legacy of compassion and service continues to inspire.

Dr. Beran, who served the Fort Atkinson community for over 50 years, left an unforgettable mark on those he cared for and worked alongside. His commitment to excellence in patient care, his dedication to his staff, and his boundless love for the community were evident throughout his career.

Stephanie Beran, his devoted wife of 48 years, fondly recalls Dr. Beran’s impact on the lives of countless individuals. “He impacted generations, and we’re hoping to keep that going,” she reflects.

In tribute to Dr. Beran’s legacy of service and generosity, Trinity Lutheran Church has directed this donation to assist patients in settling medical debts, exemplifying the spirit of generosity and compassion that defined Dr. Beran’s life. Inspired by Dr. Beran’s spirit of generosity, they matched the $6,025 in memorial gifts, doubling the impact of this honorary donation.

“Frank was known for his dedication to the well-being of his community. He always extended a helping hand to those in need, whether through providing medical advice or offering a listening ear. His patients were not just patients to him, they were friends,” noted Stephanie.

“We are deeply touched by Trinity Lutheran Church’s gracious donation in honor of Dr. Beran,” states Michael Anderson, MD, Fort HealthCare President & CEO. “This donation embodies the essence of community support and reflects Dr. Beran’s legacy of care and compassion.”

Stephanie expresses her hope that Trinity Lutheran Church’s donation would inspire others to lend a hand in supporting the community, “You never know the impact one idea has to inspire someone else.”

Pastor Amy Waelchli expressed the church’s commitment to honoring Dr. Beran’s memory through acts of kindness and support for those in need. “Dr. Beran’s life of service inspired us to extend a helping hand to individuals facing medical debt within our community. This donation is a testament to his lasting impact on our community.”

Stephanie recalled a quote from former President Jimmy Carter, “The only things that we can truly give to each other are the only things that we truly need—an ear to listen, a heart to care, a word of encouragement and a hand to help.” She elaborated, “This is how Frank lived, and this is what he was to his community.”

The funds will be utilized to alleviate the medical debt burden of deserving patients, including individuals facing significant challenges such as terminal illness.

Fort HealthCare extends its heartfelt gratitude to Trinity Lutheran Church and all those who contributed to this initiative. Through their generosity, Dr. Beran’s legacy of compassion will continue to uplift and support those in need within our community.