FORT ATKINSON – Dr. Satwant S. Dhillon of Fort HealthCare Center for Women’s Health invites women who may be experiencing stress urinary incontinence (SUI) to attend a free informational seminar about a new treatment that is available. He will also discuss SUI and who would be a good candidate for the procedure. Friends and family are welcome to attend. The seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21 from 12 to 1 p.m. (lunch hour) at Café Carpe in downtown Fort Atkinson. Café Carpe is located at 18 South Water Street West. Call 1-800-466-5595 to reserve a seat.

Dhillon is among the first gynecologists in the area to offer women the new MiniArcTM Single-Incision Sling system for SUI — a simple, safe, minimally-invasive procedure. “MiniArc’s simple, elegant design makes it very easy to use, and allows for precise placement to maximize effectiveness. Most women are able to return to their daily routine the following day.”

Dhillon has had special training in pelvic floor prolapse surgery and urinary incontinence in women and has recently added MiniArcTM to his treatments for SUI. He continues, “With MiniArc, the potential is great to restore the lifestyle a patient enjoyed prior to incontinence. It is a simple procedure for physicians to perform, and yet it is life changing for many patients. I am enthusiastic about adding MiniArc to my offerings for patients.” 

Over 33 million women worldwide are affected by SUI, a condition in which activities such as coughing, sneezing, or heavy lifting put pressure on the bladder resulting in unintentional loss of urine. SUI is more common in women than men, and is caused by weakening of pelvic floor muscles often tied to tissue and nerve damage resulting from pregnancy, childbirth, radiation, hormone changes or a prior surgery.