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Lake Mills Girl Donates to Fort HealthCare Pediatrics Unit

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A visit to the Emergency Room can be scary for many children, but the experience for one little girl was made less so through a simple act of kindness from registered nurse, Pat Tully. Megan Happ, an eight-year-old second grader at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Lake Mills, had the unfortunate experience of visiting the Fort Memorial Hospital Emergency Room in the spring of 2009. While in the ER, Tully gave a Fort HealthCare stuffed pig to comfort her during her treatment and while recovering at home. “The gesture meant so much to Megan, that she just wanted to pass it on,” remarked Megan’s mother, Steffany Happ.

Megan talked to her parents and decided to save her Christmas and birthday money to purchase items for other children who find themselves in the hospital. On January 15, Megan and her family arrived at Fort Memorial Hospital to deliver the donation to the pediatrics unit. Megan’s donation consisted of: six boxes of books, 15 stuffed animals, puzzles, games and DVDs. When asked why she decided to use her Christmas and birthday money in this way, Megan said, “Because I’m a kid and want to help other kids, who get sick, to feel better.”

While selecting the their donation items, the Happs contacted the Johnson Creek Kohl’s department store. When the Kohl’s staff learned about Megan’s plan, the store contributed multiple boxes of books.

The donation will benefit many pediatric patients that come to the unit and provide them with entertainment to help keep spirits high. Director of inpatient services Renee Clark stated, “The compassion of one nurse towards one patient shows that every action has the ability to influence another, which is what Fort HealthCare aspires to. Megan is just one wonderful example of this positive influence.” Megan still has the stuffed pig from nurse Tully, now named John Pig Happ III. She is the daughter of Steffany and Don Happ of Lake Mills.

Several managers and nurses thanked Megan for her generosity. Megan is seated, surrounded by her donation for stuffed animals, books, DVDs, games and puzzles.

Pictured left to right:
Renee Clark, director of inpatient services
Deb Schumacher, manager of emergency and obstetrics
Leah Wuchterl, Med/Surg/Pediatrics RN
Mark Meske, Med/Surg/Pediatrics PCA
Anne Wanke, Med/Surg/Pediatrics RN
Megan Happ
Ellie Schemenauer, Med/Surg/Pediatrics RN
Katie Foelker, Med/Surg/Pediatrics RN