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Nasco receives the first ever Fort HealthCare "Commitment to Corporate Wellness" award

Workplace Health
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Being well is made easier when you are surrounded by those who share your goals and can help motivate you to make good choices. With this in mind, Fort HealthCare is encouraging businesses and other organizations in the area to promote wellness in the workplace.

Dean Johnson, Nasco accepts wellness awardThe “Commitment to Corporate Wellness” award was created as part of Fort HealthCare’s new mission to improve the health and well-being of our community. A main component of that goal is keeping people in the workforce healthy and productive. For that reason, this award recognizes that significant steps have been taken by employers to create a healthy workplace, there is support from the highest level within the organization and numerous policies and programs exist to enhance the well-being of employees.

Nasco, a producer of educational, arts and crafts, farm and science supplies is a Fort Atkinson-based company that has demonstrated its concern for the welfare of its employees. They have improved employee wellness through numerous offerings including the promotion of activity during breaks, health risk assessments (HRA), biometric screenings, wellness challenges.

fort healthcare corporate wellness award

“It is an honor to be the first recipient of this award,” stated Dean Johnson, president of Nasco International. He continued, “This signifies an excellent first step in transforming the way employee wellness is handled. It is critical that our employees be and remain healthy, so this is truly important to us.”

Healthy employees have more energy, greater levels of camaraderie, increased productivity, reduced levels of injury, greater motivation to perform and lower health care costs. To learn more about Fort HealthCare’s employee wellness offerings, visit or call Sharon Rateike, corporate wellness coordinator at (920) 568-5018.