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Nasco staff view products in action at Fort HealthCare symposium

Workplace Health
Friday, June 7, 2013

Live simulation at Nasco symposium

Over 100 clients and representatives from Fort Atkinson-based Nasco, an international supplier of educational and agricultural supplies, attended a half-day symposium at Fort HealthCare’s Fort Memorial Hospital. Held on June 4, the event allowed Fort HealthCare staff to demonstrate how they use Nasco products to improve staff training and skills, and therefore, the quality of healthcare in the community.

Nursing and other medical specialty education has long relied on simulation to teach the most current principles of care. Models of anatomic parts and whole body mannequins such as those available from Nasco International and their suppliers have changed dramatically in recent years with the development of the human patient simulator.

The day began with two simulations, one a video of a cardiac event at a local aquatic center, the other a live scenario of a child having an allergic reaction to peanuts. Debriefing sessions were held so participants could identify areas of improvement and audience members could ask questions.

Following the simulations, an opportunity for attendees to practice hands-on skills in the Fort HealthCare Simulation Lab was offered. The Simulation Lab is the main hub for ongoing skills practice and mock scenarios training for Fort HealthCare nurses, physicians and other clinicians. Simulation allows clinicians to practice in a controlled environment so they are more fully prepared to act in actual medical procedures and emergencies.

Simulation specialists conduct the training scenarios and monitor participants through indirect observation from a control room. The Simulation Lab also allows Fort HealthCare staff to safely evaluate new equipment as it is introduced to staff or a policy or process change prior to implementation. Using simulation as a learning tool allows clinicians and community members to make mistakes without harming real people. Overall, it creates an atmosphere of higher quality healthcare.

The Simulation Lab was made possible through gifts from The Aristotle Corporation Charitable Gift Trust, the Kachel Family Foundation, and the Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation. The funds allowed Fort HealthCare to create the lab and purchase a variety of whole body adult and infant mannequins capable of responding in real time to certain medications, chest compressions, needle decompression, chest tube placement, and other medical interventions through integrated computer technology. For more information about the Simulation Lab or to make a donation, contact Lisa Rudolph, RN at or (920) 568-5206.