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New Forensic Light Source for SANE Program

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Fort HealthCare Partners Organization recently purchased and donated a forensics Focus LED light source to the Fort Memorial Hospital Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE) Program.  The light provides more sensitivity than traditional methods, leading to an increased amount of evidence that can be uncovered during the exam of a victim of domestic or sexual assault.

This portable light is compact in size, but powerful enough to detect and collect evidence including latent fingerprints, body fluids, hair and fibers, bruises, bite marks, wound patterns, shoe and foot imprints, gunshot residues, bone fragments, old bruises and other old injuries that might otherwise go undetected.

The SANE program is staffed by registered nurses who have received advanced education and instruction in medical-forensic examination of sexual assault victims.  Services provided by SANE nurses include: assistance with reporting the crime to police, a comprehensive and sensitive examination of injuries, and collection of medical-forensic evidence that may be useful in court.

SANE is provided in partnership with People Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse (PADA), Jefferson County’s program for domestic and sexual abuse victims.  PADA staff and volunteers are on-call to respond to the hospital and provide supportive counseling to victims during the SANE exam process.  They also offer ongoing support and advocacy to victims, such as legal and community advocacy after the assault.

The Fort HealthCare Partners Organization is dedicated to providing services and funding to Fort Memorial Hospital.  For more information about Fort HealthCare Partners, contact volunteer services at 920-568-5276.