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Phone Call Scam

Thursday, May 17, 2018

It has come to the attention of Fort HealthCare that some area residents may have received a concerning phone call from a person claiming to be from Fort HealthCare. The caller I.D. may also reflect Fort HealthCare.  The originating phone number may be 920.563.9304, but this could be variable.  When this phone number is dialed a message states the number “is not in service.”  The caller is stating that they are aware that the area resident may have a need for insurance; and she/he may then proceed to ask questions of a confidential nature.  If a call seems suspicious, please be cautious with your personal information and contact the Fort HealthCare Business Office at 800.844.5575 or 920.568.6580.  Thank you for your trust in Fort HealthCare.