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Pilates and Yoga Classes at Fort HealthCare

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Are you new to exercise, or an old pro? Perhaps you are looking for a way to supplement your existing routine or improve your strength and flexibility. Whatever your situation, consider taking a Fort HealthCare Pilates or Yoga class. Both options are low impact and designed to benefit men and women of any age or fitness level.

Pilates is a system of mind-body exercises increasing strength and flexibility through the teaching of body awareness, good posture and ease of movement. The focus of Pilates is to improve the strength of your core which includes the abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks through slow and controlled movements. Strengthening these muscles gives support to the spine, which can reduce back injuries while improving your posture, balance, and deep muscle strength. Pilates is a safe and sensible exercise system using a floor mat or equipment, that will help you look and feel your best.

Yoga is a uniting of the mind and body through yoga poses, deep breathing and meditation. The practice is about your own personal growth and regular practice can help you improve your physical and mental health. Throughout your time in class you will learn techniques to help you relax while lengthening and strengthening your muscles, creating a more balanced state of being. Some of the many benefits include; stress relief, breath improvement, muscle strengthening and toning, increased flexibility, lubrication of the joints, decreased pain, increased energy and enhanced mood.

At Fort HealthCare you can participate in Yoga at a level that is comfortable for you. Classes range from beginner through advanced levels, allowing you to find what is appropriate for you. Instructor Ivy Miles, a registered Yoga instructor, takes great care to provide a healthy yoga practice and she encourages students to pay close attention to what is right for them. "The wisest investment that you will ever make is the investment in your health and well-being," remarks Miles.

Classes are taught in a safe and supportive environment, providing guidance and variations as needed. Miles has 28 years of teaching experience and is a registered Yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, trained in Pilates and is a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. If you are interested in participating in Pilates or Yoga, visit the "Classes & Events" page at or for more information and to register. You may also call Fort HealthCare’s Health Promotion department at (920) 568-5244.

Most new sessions begin in the first week of January, perfect for a New Year’s resolution! No special equipment is needed and participants are asked to dress comfortably.
Classes take place once per week for 6 weeks.