May 23, 2019

When do I use MyCompass messaging vs. e+Care?

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Fort HealthCare offers more convenient ways for you to message your healthcare team and have more access to care when you need it through our online care options. Depending upon what you or a family member is experiencing, this information will hopefully help you choose which option is best for your needs.

Patient Portal

Fort HealthCare MyCompass is the name of the patient portal for existing Fort HealthCare patients that have decided to enroll in the program and manage their health through an electronic health record. MyCompass can be accessed from logging in to the website from a desktop computer or mobile device like a tablet or smartphone.

The greatest benefit to having a MyCompass account is the 24/7 access you have to your important health information and being able to reference it or share it when needed – such as immunization records, allergies, current height, weight, BMI, list of prescriptions, medical and medication history, visit notes from appointments at your provider’s office, lab and certain test results, access to a health information library and more. Parents and legal guardians can also have access to their children (under age 14) or dependents’ health information through the portal.

In addition to having all of this information in one place, you can also easily message your provider’s office, request an appointment, request a prescription refill, and review visit notes all from the comfort of your home or when you are on the go. Asking your provider a question about a condition, health concern, or seeking clarification on a result of an office visit is encouraged through MyCompass because your healthcare team will be able to consider your health history and what they already know about your health in their response to you.

If the nature of your health concern is in line with something that may normally take you to an Urgent Care location or if you don’t currently have a primary care provider to call, you may want to consider giving e+Care a try. Both MyCompass messaging and e+Care are secure ways to send personal health information – whereas emailing a provider’s office or sending a message via Facebook, for example, are not secure networks or methods of communication with Fort HealthCare.

Please keep in mind that e+Care and MyCompass messaging should not be used for medical emergencies! In case of an emergency, call 911.

Virtual Visits

Fort HealthCare e+Care is a new online health service available for anyone age 18 or older. You can be a current Fort HealthCare patient, or you don’t have to be. You don’t need to have health insurance to take advantage of e+Care. Instead of receiving a bill, you will be charged one low fee of $25.00 when you receive a response from a provider and your visit is considered completed online.

If your e+Care visit results in a recommendation for an office visit, you will not be charged. If our providers take longer than an hour to respond to your e+Care visit, you will not be charged but you will still receive the care you need. If your e+Care visit requires you receive a prescription, you can select which pharmacy is most convenient for you. You can also initiate an e+Care visit for a child or dependent.

While not every health problem can be treated this way, e+Care is an easy way to be treated for many common conditions. After creating a free account online, you can log back in later to start a visit by completing a series of questions about your condition just as you would during an in-office visit. There is no need to talk to a provider on the phone or through a video chat. You will receive a response by email.

You can create a free account anytime and keep your login and password information for later use. Creating an account before you need e+Care services is encouraged. You can start an e+Care visit at any time of the day. A local Fort HealthCare provider will be available to respond to your request Monday-Sunday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Fort HealthCare e+Care is another way that we can provide access to healthcare through our trusted, local providers. Whether online or in person, you’ll receive the same high-quality care you’ve come to expect from us. Go to to create a free account and to learn more.