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Heart disease is the leading threat to women’s health—even more so than breast cancer.

And the same factors that put you at risk of a heart attack, also known as acute myocardial infarction, or AMI, also increase your chances of stroke and other health problems. If your heart’s in trouble, your body may send you warning signs. It’s up to you to notice these and talk to your health care provider about them. Your health—and your life—could depend on it.

Many women find a Family Medicine or Internal Medicine provider meets most all of their healthcare needs.

The primary care providers at Fort HealthCare will take preventative actions to help decrease your risk of developing these diseases. Routine checkups and screenings are critical for detecting hidden problems and staying healthy. It is best to try and detect and address medical problems in their early stages, when many conditions are more treatable and less threatening to overall health. Seeing a doctor for age-appropriate screenings and establishing a preventive healthcare plan may even reduce the number of visits you have to make to a doctor’s office in the long run.

Speak with your doctor about the right method of screening for you. The age at which you begin screening depends on several things, including family history and your personal health profile. You and your doctor will decide which screening method is best for you. For information about the 10 things you can do to help live longer, live better, and live happier, read our Women’s Health Care Guidelines.