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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment in which you breathe 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The treatment quickly delivers high concentrations of oxygen to the bloodstream, assists in the healing process of wounds, and is highly effective in fighting certain types of infections. HBOT has been proven effective in reducing swelling, fighting infection, and building new blood vessels, ultimately producing healthy tissue.

An HBO Therapy Treatment Up Close

Is hyperbaric medicine safe, and how does it work?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe and evidence-based treatment proven to speed the healing process in certain types of wounds. In fact, many patients find it relaxing! The clear chambers are equipped with televisions and comfortable bedding, so patients are free to watch their favorite television shows or a movie, or even sleep. During the treatments, you breathe 100 percent oxygen inside a pressurized chamber, quickly increasing the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream, where it is delivered to your wound site for faster healing. Essentially, HBOT therapy helps heal the wound from the inside out. A typical course of treatment involves spending about two hours per day in the chamber, five days per week, over a four-to-six-week period.

This therapy can help reduce swelling, fight infection, and build new blood vessels, ultimately producing healthy tissue. It is also effective in fighting certain types of infections, improving circulation, in stimulating growth of new blood vessels, and in treating crush injuries, osteomyelitis, compromised skin grafts and flaps, brown recluse spider bites, and diabetic wounds of the legs and feet.

Medicare and most healthcare plans reimburse for HBOT for treatment of certain kinds of wounds and injuries. Our courteous and professional staff is available to assist you with all of your insurance questions.

What to expect during HBOT treatment

Once you are comfortably positioned inside the chamber, the pressure will gradually increase and the temperature will temporarily rise. When the desired pressure is achieved, the temperature will be adjusted for your comfort. You may experience fullness in your ears as a result of the increased pressure. The technician will instruct you in ways to help clear the pressure and relieve any discomfort. Most treatment sessions in the chamber last approximately two hours. When the treatment is completed, the chamber is restored to normal pressure and the interior of the chamber will become cooler.

The possibility of side effects of hyperbaric medicine

As with any medical treatment, there are sometimes side effects to be aware of. You may experience temporary vision changes which should return to normal within a few weeks after your therapy is completed. Our physicians recommend that you not change the prescription of your eyewear during the course of your therapy. Some patients experience fatigue during treatment. This is completely normal. Our team will answer all of your questions and ensure that you are fully prepared to undergo treatment before sessions begin.