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As Prescribed Blog



As Prescribed Blog

Seven Things Women Need To Know About Hearing Loss

Photograph of woman holding her hand up behind her ear in a listening gesture and smiling. Title reads: Seven Things Women Need to Know About Hearing Loss
Cheryl Kinney, Au.D. Cheryl Kinney, Au.D. May 30, 2023 0 Comments Audiology

Hearing issues in women are common—nearly one in eight U.S. women report having trouble hearing. Staying on top of hearing health is crucial because untreated hearing loss can profoundly impact quality of life. In celebration of National Women’s Health Month, we’d like to share seven things you should know about the relationship between your hearing […]

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What Your SLP Can Do for You

Photograph of a white pine table with pieces of paper reading speech therapy and let’s talk arranged on it as well as colored paperclips, colored highlighters, and tiny blocks with letters on them. Color wheel graphic on the right with outline images in each pie piece of a head speaking, a head with lines around his throat to indicate pain, two people with chat bubbles above them, a brain, and two text bubbles with letters and symbols. The title in bold reads What Your SLP Can Do for You.
Kerryn Foley Kerryn Foley May 26, 2023 0 Comments General Health

SLPs, or speech-language pathologists, are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing, preventing, and treating communication and swallowing disorders. SLPs work with people at every stage of life, from infants to adults. They work in schools, hospitals, residential care facilities, corporate settings, government agencies, and more. If you have any trouble with communication or swallowing, an […]

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Jefferson County Farmers Markets

Photograph of a person standing behind a table piled high with fresh vegetables at a farmer's market vendor stall. Text overlay reads: Jefferson County Farmers Markets
Liza Krejci Liza Krejci May 18, 2023 0 Comments Community

No Wisconsin summer is complete without a trip to the local farmers market. Farmers markets are a fun way to get out and enjoy the weather, meet new people, and see what’s happening in the community. They benefit the local economy by promoting job creation and generating revenue for local farmers and businesses; they contribute […]

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Taking Medications for Diabetes

Image of a small bowl of assorted pills beside a weekly pill box organizer in a circle at the top left corner. Text below reads: Taking Medications for Diabetes. Fort HealthCare logo in upper right corner.
Alyssa Turcotte, BSN, RN Alyssa Turcotte, BSN, RN May 11, 2023 0 Comments General Health

Most people with type 2 diabetes will need to take medication. Taking medication for your diabetes does not mean that you have failed managing your diabetes; instead, it means that the disease is progressing. Unfortunately, diabetes is a progressive disease, which means the longer you have it, the more you must do to take care […]

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Strategies to Ease Symptoms of Depression, No Matter Your Age

Close crop image of a person journaling on a table next to some lit candles and a cup of milky tea or coffee. Text reads: “Strategies to Ease Symptoms of Depression, No Matter Your Age.”

You don’t have to have a long-term disorder to experience symptoms of depression. Circumstances in your life can lead to changes in your mood patterns. When you feel stress affecting you following life changes, take some of the pressure off by following these strategies. Ages 18-25 Young adulthood is a time of change, so it […]

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