May 30, 2023

Seven Things Women Need To Know About Hearing Loss


Hearing issues in women are common—nearly one in eight U.S. women report having trouble hearing. Staying on top of hearing health is crucial because untreated hearing loss can profoundly impact quality of life. In celebration of National Women’s Health Month, we’d like to share seven things you should know about the relationship between your hearing and overall well-being:

  • Adults with moderate hearing loss have a lot of trouble hearing and are five times more likely to experience heart disease.
  • Having diabetes doubles your risk of hearing loss.
  • Older women with hearing loss are more likely to have depressive symptoms than men with hearing loss.
  • Lifestyle choices affect hearing loss—smokers and people with low physical activity are at risk for hearing loss.
  • Taking ototoxic medications, such as ibuprofen, can lead to hearing loss. There are over 200 ototoxic medications that can endanger hearing.
  • Hearing loss is linked to cognitive decline. Research shows using hearing devices can slow the rate of decline.
  • Women with hearing loss may feel tired. When your brain receives incomplete sound signals from your ears, it has to work overtime, leading to fatigue.

Fortunately, prioritizing your hearing health is simpler when you have a medical provider who understands your unique needs. Our doctoral audiologists are highly trained in assessing the root cause of your hearing issue, creating an individualized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle, precisely programming and fitting hearing devices when indicated and providing expert follow-up care.

Enjoy an unparalleled hearing health experience from patient-focused audiologists who take the time to get to know you. Call Fort HealthCare Audiology at 920-563-6667 in Fort Atkinson or 262-473-8920 in Whitewater to explore your options and schedule a hearing evaluation or complimentary hearing screening.