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A damaged hip or knee can make even the most basic tasks – even sleeping – painful.

We specialize in diagnosing knee conditions from the simple to complex. After diagnosis, our team of physicians, physical therapists, and surgeons work with you to find a suitable method of treatment. Ultimately, our goal is for you to be able to return to the activities that motivate and inspire you, without the pain. Our physicians have treated countless major and minor knee problems, and will provide you with top quality care.

Common Knee Conditions

The severity of knee pain can vary, ranging from occasional discomfort while running to an unrelenting ache. As pain progresses, injured knees can feel hot, swollen, or stiff. This can cause significant loss of mobility, and rob you of your ability to participate in sports or complete even basic household tasks. Arthritis-related conditions are one of the primary causes of knee pain, but sports related injuries can affect people of any age, occupation, and lifestyle. Whether a sudden injury or chronic condition, we will design a personal treatment plan after a thorough examination to pin-point the source of your pain.


Not everyone who has knee pain will require a replacement. We work to control arthritis symptoms without surgery for as long as is reasonable. If surgical treatment is necessary, patients receive the best orthopaedic care because our experienced surgeons are experts in their field and have performed hundreds of  surgeries per year, including knee arthroscopy and knee replacements. Advances in design and materials over the last several decades allow for a comfortable, secure fit of these implants even in younger, active adults. After surgery, our physical therapy team can then assist you with your recovery process, so you’ll be up and moving as soon as possible.

With decades of experience in caring for knees, we thoroughly understand how to treat your condition — and get you back to your favorite activities.