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JC-Fair-2015-098-webRailyard is an indoor obstacle course where you get the world’s most complete workout. Children, adults, and elite athletes will find the functional exercises fun for kid’s exercise, core conditioning, and youth fitness and sports conditioning. Railyard is an international leader in resistance and body-weight exercise products.

Railyard is:

  • For ALL ages & levels of physical ability.
  • “Functional Fitness” which means it encourages activities you already do in your daily life: climbing, crawling, ducking and jumping.
  • Fitness disguised as fun.
  • A total body experience featuring core, cardio, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, power, coordination & agility.
  • Easy to learn, teach, move!
  • Challenging, but fun.JC-Fair-2015-095-web
  • Customizable so the possibilities and layouts are almost endless!

Utilizing Railyard Equipment

Community organizations & groups are more than welcome to utilize the Railyard Fitness Equipment, but will be required to transport and setup themselves. To reserve the equipment, please fill out the request form and someone will reach out to confirm dates.


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Fort HealthCare’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of our community and in an effort to do that, we invite local agencies to put the Railyard to use in each of our communities. Examples include special events, Park & Rec departments, employers or schools. To coordinate the use of Railyard, contact Tiffany Pernat, worksite wellness specialist, at (920) 568-5475


Railyard has been used with people of all ages with little risk of injury. To make it even safer, we use mats under the elevated beams and setup on non-skid surfaces. Classes are structured in a way that the sequences become more difficult as you warm-up so risks are diminished and you achieve maximum benefit. Fort HealthCare’s Railyard instructors each have an exercise/health background and focus on safety throughout class.


Railyard Fitness equipment was purchased using funds generated by the Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation during the 2013 Gala. Thanks to our friends at Nasco, the Fort HealthCare Pediatric Wellness Team was able to acquire the entire “Deluxe” system to provide community classes to help improve the health and well-being of all of our community members, beginning with children and families.

Scheduling Request Form

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