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Direct Access to Physical TherapyFort HealthCare‘s outpatient physical therapy provides self-referral through direct access.

Physical therapy patients at Fort HealthCare can now self-refer for evaluation and treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions. This practice, called Direct Access, allows physical therapists to provide direct care.  Direct Access physical therapy is a safe and effective patient-care model that reduces health care costs through fewer visits, less management of medication and fewer radiology studies.

According to Kim McCrea, Director of Rehab at Fort HealthCare, “Our intent is to improve access to care for patients with common musculoskeletal complaints and encourage patient choice for entry into the healthcare system.”  Direct Access physical therapy gets patients started on therapy quicker, decreases cost of care and improves patient satisfaction. Because of this many insurance companies recognize and support direct access.  Presently at least 10 insurance companies will pay for Direct Access outpatient physical therapy, including DeanCare, Fort Care, Unity and Physician’s Plus.  Medicare and Medicaid are among the plans that do not yet cover Direct Access.

We will continue the traditional physician-referral model as well. Patients should always check with their insurance company to understand their medical coverage. Therapy & Sport Centers have long appreciated excellent communication with providers, no matter what model of care delivery is used. We will continue the strong partnership with all providers. Direct Access is good for the people of our community and will enhance patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

If you are interested in scheduling a direct access appointment, call one of our Therapy & Sport Centers today.

*Many major insurances cover Direct Access outpatient physical therapy.  Medicare and Medicaid do not.