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Service Locations:
1504 Madison Avenue, Fort Atkinson WI 53538
(920) 563-9357
200 Tyranena Park. Rd, Lake Mills WI 53551
(920) 648-8170
1461 W. Main Street - Suite F, Whitewater WI 53190
(262) 473-5599
611 Sherman Avenue E, Fort Atkinson WI 53538
(920) 568-5299

The goal of the Fort HealthCare hand and arm care program is to provide seamless, efficient, and coordinated care that restores injured hands to the highest possible level of function. The collaborative approach to the evaluation and treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions offers innovative treatment techniques, and proactive, patient-centered care, all in one location.

The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT). ASHT is an organization comprised of hand therapy professionals around the world, dedicated to establishing clinical standards and promoting research in the hand therapy profession. It is easy for people to take the full function of their hands for granted. Perhaps thousands of times each day we reach, touch, hold, point and lift these essential parts of the body. Therefore, any loss of function through injury or disease can devastate lives.

Certified hand therapists are Kelly Brunson, OTR, CHT, Ann Kutz, OTR, CHT, Johanna Tomcheck, OTR, CHT, and Sara Wilde, OTR, CHT. The hand therapy team utilizes a dedicated workspace, state-of-the-art rehabilitative equipment, and treatment practices. If specialized splinting is required, most splints can be fabricated on site. The team frequently manages worker’s compensation cases, attempting to facilitate a smooth transition back to work. If surgery is required, it can often be completed in one day at Fort Memorial Hospital in Fort Atkinson by our hand specialist Matthew Bliss, MD at Fort HealthCare Orthopaedic Associates.  Our Certified Hand Therapists also collaborate with physicians outside of the service area to provide state-of-the-art hand care close to home.  Our certified hand therapists are also direct access providers, please contact your insurance to see if you can see one of our team without a referral.