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American Heart Association (AHA) vs. Red Cross

Many people question the difference between the classes offered by the AHA and the Red Cross. The two organizations are actually very similar and they both have the same goal, to educate others about First Aid and CPR. The only difference at this time is how the classes are organized and what material is covered in each class. The AHA tends to group topics together while the Red Cross holds courses for individual topics.

Hands Only CPR

Hands Only CPR is a very simple method of CPR that can save lives.

There are only 2 steps in Hands Only CPR:

  1. Call 911.
  2. Press hard and fast in the middle of the chest.

Anyone can perform Hands Only CPR and for the layperson it can be just as effective because it is easier to perform correctly. Performing any kind of CPR is better than not performing CPR.

Go to for more information about Hands Only CPR and to watch videos that demonstrate the process.

CPR Classes

Find out when the upcoming CPR classes will be happening at Fort HealthCare and affiliated facilities. American Heart Association Classes

Latest in Heart News

Looking to learn even more about heart safety? Visit the American Heart Association’s News Room for the most up-to-date information. Heart News

Project Description

This page was produced as part of Carly Wallace’s Girl Scout Gold Award. The project’s goal is to raise awareness and promote education and advocacy of CPR in the Fort Atkinson area, and globally. The Girl Scout Gold Award is an individual 80 hour service project completed by Senior Girl Scouts.

CPR Instruction from Carly WallaceAs part of the project, Carly raised $600 and funds were matched by Tomorrow’s Hope to purchase CPR Anytime kits. Tomorrow’s Hope has agreed to continue funding this project by purchasing additional kits when needed. These kits will then be given away to families who need CPR education because they have an ailing child but cannot afford to purchase a kit or do not have the time for a class.

The other element of the project was education. Carly educated the community by attending local Girl and Boy Scout troop meetings and demonstrating Hands Only CPR.