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If you believe you have edema or a wound of the chronic nature, please consult your doctor and ask for a referral to our Wound & Edema Center. But remember, patients are able to self-refer, meaning you do not need a physician’s order to seek treatment.

Physician Referral Form

Patients, please print and share with your doctor.

female doctor with male patientOften times you, as a patient, have the best ability to determine when something just isn’t right. If you are diabetic, you may notice chronic, non-healing wounds on your neck, jaw, feet, or other areas. Cancer patients may experience swelling and fluid build-up in the feet, legs and ankles. Perhaps you have undergone surgery recently and are slow to heal or you feel a burn that is taking too long to repair itself. Whatever the situation, there is help.

For many people these chronic problems leads to a low quality of life which leads to more serious health conditions. The good news is you don’t have to suffer. In fact, many people with wounds or edema problems find relief in a matter of weeks by participating in regular treatment at Fort HealthCare’s Johnson Creek Wound & Edema Center. While you are encouraged to consult with your regular family medicine or internal medicine physician first, a medical referral is not required, if you feel the need for expert consultation for your symptoms.

At the Johnson Creek Wound & Edema Center, staff will provide a comprehensive treatment plan, assistance in obtaining supplies for care and follow-up with your doctor. The professional staff and clinicians at the Wound & Edema Center will get you healthy again in the most efficient way possible.

To do that, a number of treatment techniques may be employed including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, skin grafting, wound vac, and off-loading (removing pressure from affected areas). These procedures will allow your wound to heal more quickly or your edema to diminish more rapidly.