November 19, 2018

There is Help for an Overactive Bladder

General Health

Urination is a normal part of a healthy, functioning bladder. But when does an “active” bladder become an “overactive” bladder?

Do you find yourself with the need to urinate often (more than 8 times in a day)? Are you planning your daily activities and your travel around your need to “go?” Do you experience urinary urgency, meaning you have a very sudden and urgent need to use the bathroom? Are there times when you can’t make it to the bathroom in time? An overactive bladder may also disrupt your sleep and wake you more than twice a night to use the bathroom.

Overactive bladder can affect men and women of any age. Although it is more common with age it should NOT be considered a normal part of the aging process Bothersome urinary symptoms may not be something we choose to talk about, but talk to your primary care provider today about overactive bladder. It is a medical condition with available treatment options.

Treatment Options

Behavioral strategies are considered a first-line treatment strategy by The American Urological Association. You may benefit from working with a physical therapist to modify habits in your daily life to decrease bothersome urinary symptoms.

This may include may include evaluating your diet for food and drinks that can make your bladder more irritable and likely to contract before it is full. Bladder retraining strategies can be utilized to teach the bladder to fill more completely before it sends the message to go.

Your physical therapist can also help you to train the muscles of your pelvic floor so that you will have more time to get to the bathroom when the urge strikes. Find out what your options are and take control over your bladder so that your bladder isn’t controlling you!